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SPWD is a web design company with 23 years of combined graphic design, computer, programming, and html web design experience. Our years in web design have taught us that building successful websites is more than just putting a page or two on the web. Amongst the increasing millions (~billions) of websites online, it requires more than a couple of pages to get your company the attention it deserves.

A Web Site is not like any advertising medium ever seen before. It's not quite an ad. It's not quite a brochure. It's not quite a magazine. It's not quite a video or CD-ROM presentation. It is all of these and more. It takes a company that understands this to bring your organisation a solution that amounts to more than a yellow pages ad at a web address that no one knows about or can find.

We have programmers who specialise in database integration and asp scripting, and designers who constantly push the limits to develop aesthetic, user friendly web sites.

Our design studio is located in Auckland, New Zealand with beautiful water views from the office windows.


We are the generation of the millisecond attention span... the TV ad is boring, change the channel, the song isn't to your liking, switch to a new station, the web site lacks design, or is slow to load, hit the back button. Bottom line is there is a hole in the market for well designed web sites. Due to its origins in technology, the Net has long been the domain of programmers. Users are looking for more than efficiency, and good programming (although these are essential elements of successful site design) - they want to be enticed, lured into sites, and their attention captured long enough to absorb the content of the site.

SPWD comes from a strong design focus, supported by highly skilled programmers creating the back end / databases to ensure that clients get sites that are well designed - in every sense of the word. At SPWD thirty percent of our work is spent redoing sites clients have had done by others. We are dismayed hearing horror stories of 'web sites gone bad', sometimes costing clients thousands of dollars, leaving a bad taste in their mouth towards an industry we believe in - the Internet. With its local and International accessibility, low overheads with high returns, the Internet provides an ideal environment for taking marketing to the next level.

At SPWD we always keep the 'big picture' in mind. It is not just about a great looking site, or a site that has the latest technology - it is about sites that work for the client, and make their businesses a success online.

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