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SPWD offers a variety of database construction and integration services. The database behind a website is as important as the website's aesthetic design. It is the engine under the hood of the website.

Database driven websites are becoming the standard. There are numerous advantages to websites populated with dynamic data.

Dynamic pages allow for decreased download time. This is particularly useful in websites containing large quantities of data - such as product lists, and information. In cases such as these where each product may have a detail page, it could potentially mean hundreds of html pages. However, by populating the pages with dynamic data it dramatically decreases the number of pages required to display this information.

Data base driven sites also improve website usability and navigation through the provision of search functions. A search function can be added providing users with the ability to specify the information they want and can be quickly directed to the pages displaying the required information.

User maintenance. SPWD can provide login areas which allow users to update the database via their web browser with both images and dynamic data. This information is then reflected live on the website.


The website databases can also be integrated with existing Microsoft Access and SQL databases, providing greater usability as existing information is merged with information collected from their website. A connection can also be made to a company's intranet, further integrating internal and external data links, improving data flow, work efficiency and overall productivity.

Database driven sites are also fundamentally important to most e-commerce sites where large numbers of products are for sale. The same information may be displayed in a variety of forms. An example of this can be seen in the Heavenly Sent  site designed by SPWD. In this example there are pages displaying each of the products and descriptive information, and another section of shop pages which only display the products and their prices. In these cases dynamically driven pages are the ideal option for providing rapid downloads, ease of navigation, economy in page design and creation, and connection to online credit card authentication and payment services.

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