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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation targets major website search tools people use such as Google or Yahoo to ensure your webpage will show up near the top of any search engine results when anyone searches for a keyword or key phrase that is important for your website.

At SPWD, we know that Search Engine Optimisation isn't a one size fits all solution.  Rather, we utalise our extensive SEO experience to blend our proven SEO process with your unique business objectives, creating a truly customised and results-oriented program that works with your marketing budget.  Our methodology utilises tactics that comply with the guidelines set forth by each of the major search engines to ensure quality, relevant traffic and rankings.

Our team uses sophisticated tools to research, analyse and test websites for accessibility and compliance. Comprehensive web analytics provide vital information on website traffic and progress, we are experts in understanding and interpreting the data from the analytical software and ascertaining the necessary and appropriate conclusions required to provide the greatest return on your investment.

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spwd website search engine optimisation services (SEO)

Our special softwares generate ranking and data information for your website.

How to improve your website performance using SEO techniques?

Initial Consultation & Keywords
At SPWD we begin the process of optimisation by checking the current status of your company’s website to ensure that the process of optimisation can be completed as smoothly as possible. Our technical staff then uses both manual and customer research software to gather data and create a list of the most useful and targeted keywords for your industry. We will then present these highly targeted keywords and consult with you to choose the final keywords. Our staff will consult with you in each step to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We would also run a ranking analytics report for you and have a close look at what need to be improved on your site.

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Information of your website gives our SEO team a good idea of what need to be done to improve your site.

Website Redevelopment
In this stage of search engine optimisation (SEO), our team will use the gathered data and integrate it into the actual website. SPWD will redevelop the entire website so that it will optimally communicate your keywords with any search engine. Ultimately all aspects of the website will be changed, including its architecture, Meta tags, alt tags, graphic-text, internal link structure and sub-pages to ensure that website is spider friendly and meets the best search engine algorithms. Our team will not change the look or feel of your website; only optimise the already running site.

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Check out the datas again after search engine optimisation is done to see how big the difference is.

After completion of the website redevelopment, we will submit your website to the major search engines and directories, including Yahoo Directory, Google, MSN and DMOZ (Open Directory). Furthermore, if your Website has indexing issues, we will create and submit site maps to both Goggle and Yahoo via their respective programs.


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