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Web Hosting

SPWD provides 4 web hosting plans. Following are the descriptions of the four options and their subsequent prices. If you have any questions regarding any of these web hosting plans, don't hesitate to contact us.

For all the hosting plans there is a one off $55.00 set up fee, and pop accounts (email addresses - are $10 per account.

SPWD is also able to register or provide domain names for use with your hosting account. (See below)

Web hosting prices are exclusive of Domainz & Other Registry Fee's.


   Support Charges


While SPWD has made every effort to create product's and services that are user friendly, intuitive and simple to use, we understand that we are catering for a diverse audience, some of which may never have used a PC before! It may then be necessary for SPWD customers to use the SPWD support phone, and be talked through their issues step by step.

Such support calls may be charged at SPWD's standard hourly rate of $115.00* (charges for such calls will remain at the discretion of SPWD staff.)

You can contact SPWD support on 0508 4 webdesign (0508 4 932337)

Technical support problems and Site outages incur no charges and can be dialled through on the 0508 support listed above.

   Domain Name Charges


Businesses who don't currently have their own domain name may like to get SPWD to register one for them as part of their Site application. There is an annual fee for domain registration of NZ$65.00* per domain. (Fee's based on .nz domain extensions, including, and

Alternatively, SPWD may charge a $5.00* monthly fee for the use of domain name(s) registered to SPWD, where such domain names may be used by multiple parties/customers or SPWD clients (such as SPWD's secure domains, which are available to customers who do not have their own secure domain).

Businesses who do have a business domain name and wish to use it for a SPWD site can supply their Domain Holder ID and password, and SPWD will transfer it FREE of charge.

   Additional E-mail (POP) Accounts


A $10.00* setup fee applies to each POP/forward account setup.

SPWD may set up one 'dump' POP account, which will act as the catch all account for your domain name. This means, any mail sent to your domain which doesn't have a specific account set up for it will go to your dump account.

Hosting accounts typically include 10 standard POP/forward accounts.  Additional accounts are added in groups of 10 for $10.00* per month.

Ultra Max Paln   Basic

  • 10 MB of disk storage
  • Hosted on powerful and reliable BSD UNIX
  • Full 24hr FTP Access
  • Nightly Automated Backups
  • Monitored 24 Hours a day
  • CGI bin

        $199 per year*



*All prices quoted in NZ dollars and excluding GST.



Ultra Max Paln   Standard

  • 50 MB of Disk space
  • 500mb of data transfer
  • CGI bin
  • Full 24hr FTP Access
  • LIVE Stats
  • Real Audio/video support
  • Unlimited Domain pointers

  $35 per month*

Ultra Max Paln   Premium

  • 100mb of disk space
  • 1000mb data transfer
  • Full 24hr FTP Access
  • MS Server 2003 Hosting
  • SSL Secure Server
  • Access DB and InterDev
  • MySQL or MS SQL Database
  • .NET 2.0 supported
  • ASP support
  • LIVE Stats
  • Unlimited Domain pointers

  $45 per month*



Ultra Max Paln   Ultra Max

  • 300mb of disk storage
  • 1500mb data transfer
  • Full 24hr FTP Access
  • MS Server 2003 Hosting
  • SSL Secure Server
  • Access DB and InterDev
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • .NET 2.0 supported
  • Live Stats
  • Unlimited Domain Pointers

 $75 per month*

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